Monday, June 15, 2015

New South Wales Time Attack 2015

This was our first event for 2015, after losing our motor at World Time Attack last year, we had to wait for the new engine hardware to make its way from the U.S. to get back on track. The new motor is 600cc smaller, being a 2.5L. The power comes in a very different way to the old motor. Saturday we went out with some old medium compound tyres and low boost just to get a feel for things and try a few adjustments with sway bars and brake bias. The second session it was getting hard to get gears, the clutch wasn't fully disengaging. Its a huge job to get to the clutch on this car, we decided to call it a day and go home sitting in third. On the way home a mate of mine called I explained the situation, he said he'd be happy to give me a hand to get it sorted. We met at the shop at 6pm, starting at the back, we pulled the rear end out, the gearbox, torque tube and bell housing. we found a cracked finger on the clutch fork to be the problem. I straightened it up and tig welded it up. A few slices of pizza and we put it all back together and back on the trailer. With five hours sleep, it was time to get up and do the three hour mission back to the track. With very limited testing we were pretty happy to take out NSW Time Attack 2015. It was close, we only did it by 0.07 of a second. Massive thanks to Llewellyn "Bluey" Cameron for his help doing the clutch fork, without, there is no way we could have turned it around in time to get back to the track. I would also like to thank Tim Weir, Mark "Robbo" Robertson and Phil Armour for their continued support and Patrick Garvan for letting me behind the wheel.

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  1. epic mate.....nice.
    wanted to get up to wakefield but was too busy being sick and working on the norton.